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The Ladbrokes Fan Club

The LadbrokesFanClub is about saying thank you for all the great things you do. This website will allow you to:
  • Say Thank You to your colleagues
  • Nominate them for a WOW! award
  • Submit your Speak Ups
  • Recognise our longer serving colleagues.
The programme supports Our Service Promise and is open to everyone within Ladbrokes.

The really exciting thing about LadbrokesFanClub are the rewards – you have the chance to win LadbrokesFanClub points by being nominated, for winning an incentive or as a result of your length of service. These points can be exchanged for a wide range of products or specially selected vouchers. Sounds interesting?

To activate your membership simply complete all your details - so don’t delay and start earning points today!


Please enter your payroll number and your date of birth.
Date of birth needs to be in the correct format (i.e 01/01/1990).
If your details cannot be matched please contact us with your payroll number and date of birth so we can check the details we have on file for you.

You will then be asked to create a password and select three security questions to be asked should forget your password.

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If you have any problems registering your details, please contact the team by clicking here.